Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zhumell Telescopes What Would Be The Best Zhumell Telescope To Buy?

What would be the best Zhumell telescope to buy? - zhumell telescopes

for less than $ 500 and you can find sky objects using a remote control to


Arkalius said...

I agree. There is a real chance to read decent for that amount of money. If you find one, I can almost guarantee that your time outside of astronomy. One area is small and would not be able to see a large majority of objects in the database. It would be frustrating, as an object, highlight and see nothing. A wider Dobson will show more and can really learn, the sky, as things go with him. I'm going to areas that are not good for beginners with no help, because they learn nothing and have no knowledge of advantage when the GOTO function is not perfect (which is rare).

Marko Ramius said...

That's too bad. I have two fields, a reflector and a Mak-Cassegrain, none of them the role of go-to. Sorry. I'm trying to sell them both.

Geoff G said...

Can not go on buying a telescope for much less reliable $ 1000. Enjoy finding your 500 $ 10 Zhumell "Dob and learn things on your own!

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