Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Aba Program Autism Torrent ABA /Autism Programs?

ABA /Autism programs? - aba program autism torrent

Does anyone know of any good graduate programs in the United States in the field of research, or Applied Behavior Analysis studies of autism ... Slacking when I looked at graduate schools ... Need motivation, I'd rather be in the Midwest and East Coast

Thanks in advance!


Blasters said...

University of Florida - probably the best in the land of the ABA ... Dr. Iwata is the president.

University of Kansas

Ohio State University

West Virginia University

Johns Hopkins - Maryland

To name a few ... We also see that you want to study under, and see where they teach. Take, for example, a few research articles Jaba and check the authors and which schools they are connected.

Temple University - Phil Hinline

Annie said...

MA University has an online master's certificate program in managing classroom behavior. Applied Behavior Analysis is also a certification program, instead of a degree. The best thing is to do a Google search. Good luck and thank you for joining this field ... are welcome and good work!

basketca... said...

I can tell you that the father of an autistic son, KS is program of the University one of the best in the country.

joe T said...

I would like to look at UCLA, as is the person who created it, where Ivar Lovaas at UCLA Center for Autism

But I think you wanted something in the Midwest ... Look at UW-Madison. They are highly respected Waisman Center

vittorob... said...

Penn State - http:// www.worldcampus.psu.edu / Autism.shtml

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