Saturday, February 20, 2010

Meralgia Paresthetica More Condition_symptoms Anyone Else Have Meralgia Paresthetica? (causes Burning/numbness On Top Of Thigh)?

Anyone else have Meralgia Paresthetica? (causes burning/numbness on top of thigh)? - meralgia paresthetica more condition_symptoms

Meralgia paresthetica compression (compression) and a nerve cell that gives the sensation in the thigh. My chiropractor, I was is because of the symptoms of burning and numbness in the thigh (MP often unilateral diagnosed.) MP, I also saw online and that's what I do!

I long for 4-5 years, but is on-and-out, and outbreaks were mild and infrequent. It got worse when I have a laptop and started using it w / legs ( "Indian style") and portable property in the groin or abdomen. My research says hip overloaded and pressure ridges may make things worse, so I did everything wrong!: (Also recently sat in the garden, which has caused more problems.

There is often a cause for MP. In rare cases, severeProblems in the accounts of the lumbar spine, then I must be checked by a doctor, Tho I'm sure there were not many back pain in this case and I do. :)

I feel very alone with this disease. : (I also hope that this has not permanently! Someone? "How are you?


tomheik said...

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J.SWAMY I said...

Meralgia paresthetica is a recognized clinical syndrome, without the special participation is to be objectively demonstrated.
Keep It relieves the hip rest. This is a self-limiting weight loss and a better discharge.

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