Friday, February 19, 2010

Which Keyboard To Use With Reason 4 How Can I Use A MIDI Keyboard With Reason?

How can I use a MIDI keyboard with Reason? - which keyboard to use with reason 4

I have Reason 4.0 on my computer running Windows Vista. Not much I can do with the right reason, if I have a MIDI keyboard can contact to. What are the guidelines to be observed? Should I recognize the software for my computer to MIDI? I'm confused, what I do, or more MIDI keyboards, just plug and play? I think I'll buy one of the M-Audio.

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daPrinz said...

When you buy a MIDI keyboard with a USB port, then you are ready to continue. Just plug in and use.
If you have a USB MIDI keyboard without having to be a MIDI interface for the connection between the ports on the MIDI keyboard and the USB port of your computer. You can get them from $ 30.
The third option is a adapter cable. A MIDI Gameport / MIDI (if your sound card has this port). This is a 15-pin port is usually painted in gold or gray.
All new MIDI keyboards these days come with a USB port. M-Audio are my favorites. Axiom 61 to my favorites.

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