Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bike Riding Clothes What Precautions Can I Take Riding My Bike In The Cold Winter Air??

What precautions can I take riding my bike in the cold winter air?? - bike riding clothes

I'm going to my bike this winter and need some tips to keep hot and prevent diseases from the cold of winter. To use, especially in the clothing and shoes / gloves. I traveled alone with a nice jacket, but my throat is enough damage done.

Thank you for all ur help


unclenea... said...

The key is in many thin ... Cycling clothing is thicker than anything anyway so a few layers of a good barrier against the wind (like a good windbreak Pearl Izumi) and the outer layer. I was like Pearl Izumi and Nike base layer, long-sleeved shirt and thick, then cycling jacket or a coat of wool, then his jacket.

As mentioned, the other contributions to cover his head with his helmet and gloves with the fingers will help and do not forget some of their shoes (like hot or bring) fillings.

You can always remove a layer with increasing temperature or exercise in hot weather.

Merrily said...

This is what you wear in winter:
A ski mask because his face was very cold and the warm air we breathe, perhaps it will help your throat. Sometimes you just need a hat. But I bring with me just incase the CAP is heated. Oh, do not forget your sunglasses on cloudy goals with Amber. Sunglasses help you keep your eyes on the gel:)

The wind-resistant gloves, I prefer the lobster gloves.
A base layer that runs only a well-fitting shirt on a long-sleeved shirt and thick, and a wind-resistant cycling, I perfer my Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket

Basically, a few short regular walks windproof tights or a pair of thick socks.

At my feet, my socks and neoprene gloves. My feet are still cold at times, so that put the band HANDWARMERS on my shoe, then at his boots. What I can say that my feet are cold: (

Good luck! Winter training can be fun if you dress well:)

Jo said...

Get a Goretex jacket.

bikernoj said...

A balaclava will help a little moisture in the throat, helping to drought. It is necessary to drink plenty of water and a good base coat (like an Under Armor shirt, $ 25) will fit in very well and ensure that you always have a cold.

Get a few stitches, as well as PI or ThermaFleece Amfibi and some nice shoes cover their feet. Blocking wind and sweat good management are more important than bulky insulation.

Carl_the... said...

You do not get enough of the cold air! You get sick with a virus from another person ... What kind of bike? Road / mountain? What kind of riding? Where are you? Let's talk about snow, rain, or simply ?????

Ben P said...

Use a thin balaclava that can be the head, ears, throat and mouth cover and adapted to enable them to adapt to changing conditions.

Neoprene is the best material for winter clothing because of the characteristics, which is waterproof to keep you dry water, even sweating on the inside so that you feel clammy.

A simple trick to help keep fingers from freezing to setting your shoes just so that blood can flow easily in the fingers and toes.

Wear clothes that allow sweat to evaporate (it will) in winter sweat. If you keep sweat clothes, you can easily feel cold, damp and uncomfortable.

Drink water. Water is the body needs to regulate body temperature.

susie j said...

No matter how long I always wear thermal long sleeves, big and heavy sweater and a jacket. As the autumn weather, I add Hoodies (and many of them lol). I think it depends on the person, but I feel cold and made with very low time, no fewer than seven between turtleneck sweaters and jackets - are matters of great quantity of clothing, introduced to provide extra warm layer and a cap, according to the all - a large amount of heat is lost through the organs of the head.

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