Monday, January 18, 2010

Huge Stomach And Huge Hips I Am 5'11 And 14 With Huge Hips And Fat In The Chest Area,back Of My Hips, And Lower Stomach How Tall Will I?

I am 5'11 and 14 with huge hips and fat in the chest area,back of my hips, and lower stomach how tall will i? - huge stomach and huge hips

I am the height I want to be when fully developed, at least 6'6 my dad is 6'2 and mum 5'2 and I'm not the average amount of things that parents, because I do not think it is true that the Basketball also eat very healthy and soccer and volleyball and training

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Justin said...

Although I doubt that this 6'6 "(most guys are not even very tall 6'6"), is likely to surpass the 6 'and perhaps as high as his father, but nobody knows it must be high. The gene is 95%, 5% food. There really is not much you can only get an injection of growth hormone, but I think it would be difficult, a doctor, to get to do it for you because you are already quite high.

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