Friday, January 29, 2010

Yoga Clock I Practice Yoga But I Hav A Question?

I practice Yoga but I hav a question? - yoga clock

The practice of yoga in the morning six to seven Is it better to do yoga in the morning or evening? I know that time is important, but I need your advice.


eatyourt... said...

The reason it is best to practice yoga is early morning, because the mind is clear, making it easier to be focused more clearly, and conscious of our yoga practice. The downside of yoga in the morning is that our bodies tend to the more rigid time of day.

Doing yoga during the night, but because we have been all day with work, school situations were, our heads more stressed and scattered, which affects our practice of yoga. However, our bodies are more flexible in the night, in the physical sense would be easier.

Yogis tend to be specialized for their practice of yoga in the morning, and if your schedule you can do the same, then you are prompted to do so. But the company is now busy finding the time and commitment to your yoga practice is always, perhaps even more important than what time of day that you should.


burke501... said...

Most serious yogis seem to prefer the morning, but I think the most important thing to dedicate a portion of their time for yoga. I think the consistency and dedication is more important than the time of the day.

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