Saturday, January 23, 2010

Forced Body Waxing How Can I Get Rid Of My Ant Infestation?

How can i get rid of my ant infestation? - forced body waxing

I live in a basement apt. and ants are already in full force. I was killing all ants. Then I learned that if you had left a dead ants to take the body to eat. Well, if he sees an ant out of my hands and placed them into liquid wax. once their bodies and boiling and-pop bubble. is satisfactory, but not the case. they attack me in my sleep. I now have all these bugs biting me and I know the mistakes that I have in contact with the ants have been lately. I do not know how big a bite and itching to leave. so now I'm mad, and I want to inflict as much damage and torture to his colony as possible. I will not just leave and not return, I wish that every ant who die ever set foot in my house to a slow and terrible death. Suggestions?


geniusat... said...

The ants enter homes in search of food, water and shelter. Controlling which usually requires a combination of methods.
Step 1: Keep the ants. Seals and seal all cracks and crevices around the foundation of your house, inside, with particular attention to areas where food is prepared. Step 2: Repair plumbing leaks. Eliminate sources of food. Store food clean and closed. Outdoor Store garbage in airtight containers. Step 3: Use bait to destroy the nests. For a colony to be destroyed, must be obtained from the bait slowly. Some chemicals that are effective, Hydramethylnon baits, boric acid and fipronil. The bait works only if no other power source nearby. Step 4: If the ants inside, with soap and hot water. This is the trace of chemicals and as effective as most insecticides. Step 5: Do not let the wood - wood, garden debris or foundations - are still in contact with the ground. The wet wood provides a habitat for carpenter ants. Trim branches and shrubs around the building. Tips & Warnings
Ant for extreme infestations, for help from a professional pest control.
Be sure to keep the ant traps away from children and pets.

who me said...

Renting an Aardvark, I do not know what to say.

whatever... said...

The boron powder

someonec... said...

Vinegar and water in a bucket disrupts the path that led to his apartment. Ants to follow the chemical traces left by his fellow ants. Other chemicals can be harmful to humans and animals. Vinegar smell of dry-but-not going to kill you, such as pesticides.

Sugar Pie said...

1. Communicate with your landlord. Tell him you are bitten while you sleep! He is responsible for maintaining the APT. without insects.

2. If you reject in the closet Yoru packages of cereals, flour, cookies may be affected.

3. The ants often eat termites. This is to inform another reason the landlord. It may have termites and need to get the contract instead.

4. Here you will find the former colonies of the earth if possible. (If it has not rained recently, you're still using a modem in a hiding place, then you can skip this part until you can see.) Get a friend, and 2 blades. Digging half of each gap, HTE, Oteh then each half on a hill, and suddenly the pile of deposit of the other "in this hill. They fight to the death, requires no chemicals.

mercedes... said...

I had the same problem ...... First, find out where they just put a little vinegar and sprinkle the bottom and a little cayenne pepper ... hate ... traditionally placed near her .... I had a crack in the wall and ... i shot of vinegar in the cracks and pepper, spread on the wall ..... never again saw the little buggers

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