Sunday, January 10, 2010

Whoopie Cushion Will A Cat Sit On A Whoopie Cushion?

Will a cat sit on a Whoopie cushion? - whoopie cushion

Is that a face?


J L said...

Yes, and I would not face.

Wind Fish said...

This will make a video please? I beg you.

It is a difficult question. I'm trying to think of a decent answer, but I can not stop laughing at the situation. Um ...

Cats are very cautious, which used to sit on something. Perhaps it can be a thin film over Whoopie and the place to hide where your cat likes to nap?

justsuea... said...

PPL derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr some thick today evening on this site ... Look in the mirror when you are sitting on the pillow and Whoopie see if you made a face .. You do not really even try to decipher the thick or just stupid

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