Sunday, December 6, 2009

High Definition Indoor Antennas Is It True That Yu Can Get A Good Reception Using A Set Top Box And An Indoor Antenna?

Is it true that yu can get a good reception using a set top box and an indoor antenna? - high definition indoor antennas

I've heard that you have a good reception from a digital tuner and antenna get inside, compared to a standard analog antenna inside. What are the specifications should be considered? I do not need anything fancy (eg HD) just wants a house worth that a new antenna installed on the roof.

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tri55026 said...

If you do not need a elegant box set that you have a product for $ 50, which will be good can get. If you do not buy a decoder to have to buy a new antenna if you include your normal TV, all TV stations at the time. If you are a little blurred, so that a new antenna, which is reinforced by a deck that plugs directly into the receiver should receive only the cost of about $ 20 - $ 30.

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