Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pokemon Silver Shiny Easiest Way To Get/find Shiny Pokemon In Silver Version?

Easiest way to get/find shiny pokemon in silver version? - pokemon silver shiny

Well, the Pokemon "easier" bright gold / crystal series of money is the Red Gyarados in the lake of rage.

But this is probably not the answer you want. To get a shiny wild Pokemon, the ability to, hiking, Generation II is about 1 / 8192. So do not bother "looking" for light, as their minds, the best way is simply to get a game to miss. Finally, you will find that only increase the volume and listen to the call, with bright stars to normal.

For the people want, the brilliant and legendary Lugia in Pokemon Silver, save him speak and fight the Pokémon, and if there is a better version, restart the gameboy and try again. But you still have a chance, so be prepared for a long night / week. (You still have to catch it, is just a good Pokemon [Coup wrong, the pause] after the ultra balls until the fall of the fingers or with your main ball.)

Note: Shiny egg / baby Pokemon can not automaticallhave received and from the intersection with another brilliant (two of them, or with a ditto), they still have the small 1 / 8192 chance to shine, except once born, but that's nothing.

Shiny never get as easy to use.

Hope that helps:)

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