Monday, December 7, 2009

Skin Ailments More Condition_symptoms Have Any Of You Had A Skin Problem While Preggers?

Have any of you had a skin problem while preggers? - skin ailments more condition_symptoms

5th Month, and I developed a rash called tinea versicolor. It is a fungus, like a rash ring worm. my duties prescribed me a cream that seems to work slowly, but to be the work. have passed from u of strange skin diseases during Preggers? Just Want to Know I'm not alone! Thank you!


I love my babies said...

I can have a strange rash in the same time you in my face! I woke up and was shocked! But my stupid ** A doctor does not know what he was and gave me a cream to put on. It worked, but I was worried before Jesus Christ no idea what is about, had!

M.D. Lisa said...

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Having a baby boy! said...

Well, not exactly a rash, but I had 2 points of skin cancer has been removed, yes, yes. :)

MISSEZ MAMI 2 BE said...

Yes, I have this strange rash on both my kneecaps "said the doctor, it was heat rash, but it goes .....

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