Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kidney Disease More Condition_symptoms How To Know If Chronic Kidney Disease Is Getting Worse?

How to know if chronic kidney disease is getting worse? - kidney disease more condition_symptoms

I was recently diagnosed with stage 2 chronic kidney disease and my nephrologist every 6 months for blood tests and routine screenings. She said that once before (the next appointment. In March 2010) when I start to feel bad, but I'm not quite sure what that means. I'm tired and urinating more recent, but I'm not sure if she believes that feel "feel worse"?

Is there any way I can prove my GFR at home?


emily said...

You're lucky to have caught this problem much sooner! Firstly, the cost of doctor visits and the doctor must not call and ask what he meant. I hope it is a good person to talk to you over the phone. Otherwise;

You can not really their glomerular filtration rate test at home, requiring Techetium-99m DTPA injected into the veins and blood, after several passes. However, there are other things to note. For example, blood, urine, int eh NEVER OK! If you ever see blood in your urine statement means that the permeability of the kidneys have increased and allow sufficient blood cells. This is very serious, and you should call your doctor immediately.

If you say that more urine could be this good. If more volume, so it's a good thing (but only on the frequency and not) volume, it is not good.

Therefore, no blood in the urine, pain when urinating or convulsions before or after urination sign that you shuold earlier.

sam said...

Ask your document, but include all the pain in this area and any change in urine color ur

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