Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shiny Pokemon Images Silver Version List Pokemon Trade??

Pokemon Trade?? - shiny pokemon images silver version list

Yor friend code for me ..
LV100 want a Dragonite or Flygon or drgaonair ..
But .... I am ready to give a woman ..
(all 100 LV)
1.Non shiny mew
Lugia 2.shiny
Darki 3.Non Light
Arceus 4.shiny
Anyother if I wnt including LV 58 or growleth not shiny Arceus lv 100 ^ ^
Heres my fc:
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To Late To Post In The Boogeyman said...

Tedd go to my question in my profile on "OK" and we can trade or battle

mick said...

I do not know Flygon, Dragonite, or Dragonair, but I'm willing to trade including femal Luvdisc Mismagius bright or not bright and brilliant woman Darkrai Arceus
Name: Michael
FC: 2921 6094 4731
I live in Australia, so he could trade for about 11 hours after I answer this. sorry. =)

walshwer... said...

I am ready to all Pokemon for you, but now I can not find a way to Wi-Fi, I have my work with my friends, but I can not do it myself, but when I do I give to you, just give me ur friend code somehow

Tedda said...

I could give you the pokemon you want, but not 100 lats

Pokemon Carmendy said...

I have all the letters that you have just said and I think alllllllll !!!!!!!!!

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