Friday, December 4, 2009

Sleep Disorders More Condition_symptoms English Sleep Disorders?

Sleep Disorders? - sleep disorders more condition_symptoms english

In a speech here about sleep disorders and wanted to get as much information as possible about each person.

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Travlin' Grama said...

I had trouble sleeping for more than 10 years. In reality, he was diagnosed with narcolepsy and underwent a sleep study.

Sleep information that I found was to create a routine for bedtime. Since the formation of Pavlov's dogs to feed him when the bell rang to begin training your body to his routine and he knows that it is time to sleep.

About sleep disorders is one that I had never heard of until it happened. If he had not slept, and the sudden need for sleep with me going on, I fell over a chair and immediately falls asleep (narcolepsy). Unfortunately, I woke up almost immediately - at least in my mind is awake. Obviously, if you enter a dream state, your body paralyzed from the neck down. It would take about 5-10 minutes before I would be able to move again after waking up to.

A personal knowledge of others, even if I was not low for all in the literature: if the sleep study, they found that when I woke up my blood oxygen. In general, you wake with a stuffy nose.When I wipe my nose, and a few deep breaths can often back to back to sleep quietly. Not sure why, but seems to help.

Good luck in your presentation.

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