Monday, December 7, 2009

Magnavox Mwr10d6 Region Free I Burned A DVD+RW Disc With A Video Recorder. My DVD Player Only Plays The Audio. The Recorder Plays It Fine?

I burned a DVD+RW disc with a video recorder. My DVD player only plays the audio. The recorder plays it fine? - magnavox mwr10d6 region free

The recorder is a VCR and DVD player Magnavox MWR10D6 AMW S99 is. I am the host of a satellite. I connected the cable into the DVD player, work well and I tried to play these commercial DVDs fine. These AMW S99 will read DVD discs, which I read on the Internet.


juventus... said...

Many recorders have built in functions that allow only registered by the DVD recorder, played on the recorder. is a pain ...

Bill R said...

Many players do not play R / W.

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